Vida Cucina Italia

I am pleased to announce the opening of “Vida” in an extraordinary location.

They have been important and challenging months in all perspectives but with a passionate and organized team, and thanks to Ida Albo’s determination, passion and strong appartence to Italian traditions we managed to open inside the Fort Garry hotel in Winnipeg Manitoba (Canada).
I am happy to bring abroad the Italian cuisine and my idea of cuisine made of simplicity, of substance where innovation and tradition will lead the patrons to try a gastronomic experience always new, based on the products of my land “Campania Felix”; I remain connected to Italy and to the territory and I am involved in all the projects that involve me in the divulgation of the territory and that I will soon reveal.

The restaurant
Vida cucina italia
Latin Origin
Meaning Life, living; vitality, energy

The meanings of the name may leave no room for more but there is much more to it than that

Restaurant presentation