Rosanna Marziale

I’m Rosanna Marziale , Chef.

This is my conventional identity. It’s the identity that helps those reading this get an idea of who I am, but it is also what is written on the name plate of my doorbell at home. But this identity is a pseudonym. Perhaps like the one many of you have too.

There is an entire population inside me. I am also a passionate farmer, a sensual foodie, a child building themselves a list of favourite foods, a traditional baker, an anchovy fisherman, a shepherd, a master dairyman, an Internet surfer, and much more.

These are my hidden identities: the choices I make in the kitchen are born from the discussions these identities have with each other as they switch positions in my mind. If I have chosen chef as my primary identity, it’s because it allows me to be a creative soloist within this choir of voices that sing about food within me. My ‘music’ scores are the recipes. It is through recipes that chefs express themselves, not through theoretical discussions.

Like painters with their paintings, farmers with their fields and hunters with their bags of game, by presenting a recipe chefs say everything there is to say: they tell their story and perhaps give their identities a voice!

Rosanna Marziale

My CV is rather long, perhaps too long. For those of you who love a list, you can read it in full. For those who just want the gist, I have tried to write a (very) brief autobiography in which I attempt to outline how I see myself.