My life is a web of relationships woven from commitment and a degree of chance. For me, being a chef means finding relationships, whether they be new or long forgotten, between people, products and preparation processes. Relationships that can be used to create stories to bring to the table. Relationships that allow me to leave the kitchen and explore other worlds.

Alexander Langer suggested changing the famous Olympic motto Citius, Altius, Fortius (faster, higher, stronger) to Lentius, Profundius, Suavius (slower, deeper, gentler). As a chef I feel I can play my part in making a substantially different concept of well-being desirable.


My home is a film set, like that of many other people nowadays. When we get together in the kitchen, everything is video recorded. And when I’m alone, I record video recipes.

My idea of food

For me food is a pastime. It’s not a game, it’s ‘playing’. A game is competitive and hard, and you either win or lose. When you play you pit your skills against a set of rules for pleasure, to showcase your talent, and ‘playing’ is all the more enjoyable if done in the company of other.

There is an entire population inside me. I am also a passionate farmer, a sensual foodie, a child building themselves a list of favourite foods, a traditional baker, an anchovy fisherman, a shepherd, a master dairyman, an Internet surfer, and much more.