Great Italian chefs meet Confagricoltura Donna

On Wednesday, April 17, in the “Sala Tatarella della Camera dei deputati”, at 2:30 p.m., Confagricoltura Donna President Alessandra Oddi Baglioni will present the project, “Great Chefs Meet Confagricoltura Donna.”

Nine recipes, developed by Italian chefs: Cristina Bowerman, Laura Colaiacovo, Anna Ghisolfi, Rosanna Marziale, Isa Mazzocchi, Valeria Raciti, Solly Tomasone, Viviana Varese and Francesca Vierucci, to enhance the typicality of nine regions.

The products, fresh or processed, spieta Confagricoltura Donna in a note, remind us how fundamental agriculture is. And also how important it is to protect and support it, constantly putting it at the center of Italy’s economic and political debate. It is precisely to open a new view on the agricultural world that this cookbook was born. Chefs, in fact, concludes Confagricoltura Donna, are the best link between agriculture and food, capable of enhancing the products of the earth to transform them into works of art.