The streets of Mozzarella home chef Rosanna martial

April 13, 2015 at 18 Streets of Mozzarella home chef Rosanna Marziale.

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Conviviality at the table comes with Rosanna Marziale Le Colonne in Caserta, and his idea of ??pasta, mozzarella and pummarola the Tzimtzum. Increasingly table diners are engaged by technology, including mobile phones, tablets and cameras, and thus has lost the sense of sharing the food that you once lived in families. Withdraw from their being for giving to others, this is the meaning of Tzimtzum and Rosanna, introduced by Cremona, transmuted in table manners, to retrieve the values ??of the past. And then he enacts some invited simulating the attitude today that shines when you go to the restaurant. But once the ingredients are served in large bowls in the center of the table, as required by the Italian menu, guests begin to talk to each other and make the dishes as they like, with grilled mozzarella, tomato in three versions ( grilled cherry tomatoes, hanging cherry tomatoes and San Marzano) and spaghetti.

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