Invervista GustoSano: Rosanna Marziale a chef … tens of identity

Rosanna Marziale is the cook of the restaurant Columns of Caserta. This is its conventional identity. One with which the reader can get an idea of ??her, but it is also what is written on the doorbell of his house. But this identity is a pseudonym. Inside her there is a population.

She is also a passionate farmer, a sensual eater, a child who builds his catalog of flavors, an old bakery, a fisherman of anchovies, a pastor, a master cheese maker, a web browser and more. Are his hidden identities: their dialogue and their succession in mind, born the choice he makes in the kitchen.

If selected as the prevailing identity of Chef’s because this gives the opportunity to have the role of soloist creative in this chorus of voices inside, he sings the food. His scores are the recipes. It is with recipes that a chef is expressed, not with theoretical discourses. As a painter with his paintings, a farmer with his fields and a hunter with his game bag. Showing a recipe Chef says it all, tells his story and gives voice to his identity. Maybe!

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