I am Rosanna Marziale, cook of the restaurant Le Colonne and San Bartolomeo Casa in Campagna.

This is my conventional identity. The one with which those who read manage to get an idea of me but it is also the one that is written on the doorbell of my house. But this identity is a pseudonym. Like that of each of you, perhaps.

I have a population inside of me. I am also a passionate farmer, a sensual eater, a child who builds his catalogue of flavours, an old baker, an anchovy fisherman, a shepherd, a master cheesemaker and an internet navigator and much more.

These are my hidden identities: from their dialogue and from their alternation in my mind come the choices I make in the kitchen. If I have chosen chef as my prevailing identity, it is because it gives me the chance to play the role of creative soloist in this choir of voices that I have inside me and that sings the food. My scores are the recipes. It is with recipes that a chef expresses himself, not with theoretical speeches.

Like a painter with his paintings, a farmer with his fields and a hunter with his meat. By showing a recipe the chef tells everything, tells his story and gives voice to his identities maybe!